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This trap effectively catches Apple Snails when the water temperature exceeds 20 C (68 F). The optimum feeding temperature is 25 -30 C (77-86 F). In terms of reducing the population of the invasive, exotic, apple snails (Pomacea canaliculata and P. insularum),the most effective time to trap is after winter aestivation and prior to reproduction, about a one month period (April here in NW Florida).

STEP 1. Vertically insert the PVC pipe into the trap so that the pipe passes through the floating grate and out of the bottom.

STEP 2. In shallow water (1 ½-2’ deep), use a hammer to drive the PVC pipe into the bottom substrate until the trap is securely attached to the bottom. The trap works best if it set flush to the bottom substrate. Adjust the O-ring on the PVC pipe accordingly.

STEP 3. Rapidly pour one bag (1 kg) of Snail Busters Apple Snail Bait (Patent Pending) into the water next to the PVC pipe. Tap the floating grate until the bait passes through it into the trap.

STEP 4. After the trap has remained undisturbed overnight or for as long as one week, remove snails. Wear gloves because the edges of the snail shells can be very sharp.

Note: The trap can catch snails in this manner for up to a week, but a three-day interval of cleaning and resetting the trap is a good balance between labor cost and trapping efficacy. The snails are primarily nocturnal. If labor cost is not an issue, set the trap in the late afternoon and return in the morning. If the snail infestation is heavy and the trap is checked daily, the floating grate may be unnecessary.

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